Day one of the food diary and I'm really struggling to get this done. But I committed to it and I'm going to see it through. Orientation at work went well yesterday. I had some trouble sleeping last night. This morning I went for a decent walk. I still want to get a bike ride in, I should have done that earlier, but I didn't. Opportunity missed. My new boss called. I'm going to be working about twenty hours during the upcoming week. I took apart a chicken and diced it up for easy meal options later. Preparation is key and I'm glad I got a jump start on that. The money situation is still stressing me out. The house is going to be sold. I need to find another place to live. Everything seems to be outrageously expensive. I'm disheartened, disenchanted, and discouraged, but I'm facing things I've been avoiding which is pivotal.

1. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Just a guess, probably about 5.5

2. Did you sleep consistently through the night?

No. I woke up several times. I need to leave my phone alone after I go to bed. I was physically tired, but my mind was racing. I tried skipping the melatonin, but then took some around midnight when I was still awake.

3. How did you feel upon waking?

Pretty good. I did lay around for a while, but I felt okay, better than I have in the past.

4. What foods did you add in today?

Nothing. I skipped breakfast because I wasn't hungry, ate two kinds of soup with grapes and broccoli for lunch and had more grapes for a snack around 3:30. 

5. Did you eliminate anything from your diet?

I didn't eat any junk which is a major step forward. 

6. How much water did you drink today?

Another question I'm fuzzy about, I'm guessing at least a quart. I've been trying to sip throughout the day.

7. What was your energy level like?

After my walk I was exhausted so I laid down for a while. Then my boss called. I was pretty wiped out this morning, I need to get more and better quality sleep.

8. What did you crave?

Nothing. That surprised me. I've felt uncomfortably full for most of the day despite not eating much for the past two days. My digestive system is very sluggish. I'm hoping that cleaning up my diet will help with this.

9. Did you incorporate any movement today?

I took my walk and did some of my stretches. I would like to do my pilates DVD, but can't seem to locate it. Need to throw in something, anything, and just do it.

10. Before bed, take time to write down three blessings or things you were thankful for from your day:

  1. I'm grateful that my friend sent me a text to ask how my first day went.
  2. My new boss seems very friendly and willing to work with me and my schedule. I'm so thankful to be employed again. It's pretty amazing.
  3. I did things that I wanted to and sat down to write out my day in my calendar. That was helpful to see it laid out like that.
  4. I'm making myself do more things that I don't want to and trying to get better at delegating when I can. 
  5. Taking charge of my health and wellness will have long lasting benefits. I'm proud of myself for the progress I've made. 
  6. I love music, being able to listen to it helps me when I'm low and keeps the good moods going. 
  7. Now that I know the house will be sold I can start getting rid of more things. Closure will be nice.
  8. My family went out for Jane's birthday and my mom paid. I'm super grateful for that. We had a very enjoyable evening.
  9. An aunt of mine sent me an email congratulating me on the new job. That was gratifying.
  10. I appreciate having beautiful weather today. Not as hot and muggy as it had been. Felt wonderful to get outside and walk among the trees and the breezes. 

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