Are we the last stand against entropy?

Is 'life' a fight against the forces?

Without consciousness, existence is not.

This is the usual crap that pops into my head when I've had too many beers.
I haven't been drinking myself silly recently, so this is the first time in a bit that this kind of thinking popped into my head.

I've intentionally been avoiding E2. Besides spending too much time here (having an addictive personality 'n all) I feel that like E2 itself, people here are stuck in the same place, without much need for improvement.

The comfort of that non-suicidal melancholy keeps it's hold on the residents, and any deviation results in an equal and opposite reaction.

*I, once again have been distracted by the catbox, and my effluent flow of letters has been slowed and diluted*

I was going to comment on the recent (global) phenomena where the opposite reaction seems to be.. unreasonable, but I've lost the flow, so hopefully you can figure it out.


I had a dream last night that reminded me of yet another one.

I, sometimes think that 1st law of thermodynamics works in mysterious ways.

About a year go I had a dream that my investment property was being trashed. I have never been inside the house, but I have spent a lot of my time thinking/worrying about this investment property. The property was trashed, I have no exact dates, but I believe it happened the night I dreamed(E2 says dreamt is not a word) about it.

I now call that trashed property my home.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of the day in the garage, trying to organise it. What I got, was prison dreams.
(If you've read my old logs, you'd know about the ice queen that used to live here and her prison kids).

Now.. I've had my share of prison dreams, but usually that's because I've done something naughty enough that might just land me there. Not this time though.

I did however, notice that just as the concrete was drying from the near constant rain, that we have some messages on our driveway.

Those read something like "FUCK ME" "FUin" "NO PIGS" "FUCK ME ISm._". they look like they've been cut into the driveway with an angle-grinder and then filled in with concrete (hence the reason we haven't noticed that in 6 months of living here).

I'm not sure about my empathic powers, but the power of the written word sure seems to transcend time.

I can only hope my own scribbles are soon forgotten.

If you got this far, take a deep belly breath, close your eyes, exhale, drop your shoulders, tilt your head back, and smile :)

Now do it again, because my previous request was impossible to complete

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