Julia Davis Park is an 86 acre park located in the center of Boise, Idaho. It's north of both the Boise River and the Boise State University campus and to the south of downtown.

Definitely one of the best parks in the city; it's large and and well-maintained as well as being the location of lots of generally fun things. The Idaho State Historical Museum, the Boise Art Museum, the Rose Garden, Zoo Boise, the Black History Museum, a science center named the Discovery Center, a bandshell, an old black steam engine, and various playgrounds are all located in Julia Davis Park, as well as a small pond where paddleboats can be rented for a spin around the pond.

The park is bordered by the Boise River to the south and there is a section of the Greenbelt, Boise's system of riverside walking paths, that runs though Julia Davis. The park also used to be home to a small amusement park named The Fun Spot, but it closed quite a few years ago.

Seasonal events are often based in Julia Davis, including Art in the Park and various outdoor festivals. In the past, Julia Davis was a focal point for much of the action of the Boise River Festival, but said festival has died down almost completely in the past few years.

The park originated from a 43 acre donation in 1907 by Thomas Davis, one of Boise's founders and original planners. He donated the land in memory of his wife, Julia, who is remembered for helping travelers on the Oregon Trail as they made their way through Boise. She died in 1907 at age 60, possibly of typhoid fever, after tending to an emigrant with the same ailment.


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