For about 5 months in about 1991, this was a local TV franchise in Madison, Wisconsin that ran in the high UHF channels. It was undoubtably part of a larger syndicate, but I don't know for sure. Rather than showing any shows or specials, it served as a kind of all-request Music Video channel. When it wasn't playing videos, it would slowly scroll through all the video selections it had in its library. If you wanted to see one, then you would place a $2.99 phone call to the station and punch in the video code on your phone. Soon enough, it would play the video for you and whoever else was tuning in.

The obvious result of this was that people would only request the videos that they wanted to see. This meant that, unlike on MTV, big-name bands that had boring videos and basically sucked were almost never played, but you could see sex-laden videos like Madonna's Justify My Love, or 2 Live Crew's Me So Horny videos played 4 times apiece every hour.

The whole operation was obviously cut-rate. When videos weren't playing, you never saw any actual actors or graphics, just the slow scroll through video selections. They didn't even pay for voice talent, relying instead on a cheesy voice synthesizer to rattle off the station identification (Think Stephen Hawking reading the line "The hits you want, when you want them, only on the Jukebox Channel"). It eventually went off the air, and was replaced about a year later by TBN.

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