Jonathan Anderson was in charge of the UK division of Amiga during the Escom reign. He is notable for very little other than entirely failing to cause any Escom UK employees to know anything about the Amigas they were supposed to be selling (most ended up hidden in the backs of shops with everyone refusing to admit that they existed) and one incident involving Jonathan Nash, at that point editor of Amiga Power.

The previous issue, Amiga Power had complained about the poor quality of the games bundled in Escom's new Amiga packs and suggested that this was not likely to aid the Amiga's comeback attempt (at this point the Playstation was appearing and Escom were shipping games that would have been considered poor if they had been released on the Spectrum). Jonathan Anderson then rang up Jonathan Nash and verbally berated him for some time. Amongst his claims were "Of course they're crap, what do you expect for the amount of money we had to spend?" and "If we put bad games in there then people are more likely to go out and buy new ones" (missing the point rather badly by not noting that people aren't going to buy games if they won't buy the computer in the first place). He ended by asking for Jonathan Nash's name. This was given, with Jonathan (Nash) wittily asking him to make sure it was spelt correctly. Jonathan (Anderson) then replied "Nash with an N, like in nobody. Because that's all you are, a nobody".

The next month, Escom's UK Amiga division had closed. Amiga Power wished Jonathan Anderson good luck and

"No hard feelings, eh Jonathan? That's Jonathan with a J, as in jobless."

Nobody messes with Amiga Power.

Of course, things haven't got any better for the Amiga since then. But that's another story entirely.

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