John Lear is the son of William Lear, inventor of the eight track and Lear fan jet. John is not Lear Junior, a fact that he will clearly set you straight on if you ever make the mistake. John is an outspoken advocate of UFO's and the government’s complicity in their cover-up. Actually, it seems he will corroborate almost any tale of conspiracy. At first it seems just crazy, until he starts revealing details of his past. John is a difficult man to not believe.

I recently got the opportunity to meet John, and I believe he is the most interesting person I have ever met. I knew I was in for treat when I was invited to his "compound." Even more fascinating was his study, his "shrine". He asked us to wait in the study while he finished some task and told us to make our selves comfortable.

Right away I noticed that this was an unusual study. The walls were covered from the ceiling down with photographs, and the room was littered with overseas mementos and casually placed pistol paraphenelia. Some of the people and items in the photos I recognized. There were pictures of John with G. Gordon Liddy, and Bob Lazar. There were pictures of aircraft. There were pictures of the memories that spanned a career or two. What caught and held my attention the most though was his desk, or rather what surrounded his desk.

Suspended from the ceiling and encapsulating his desk were monitors of several shapes and sizes. They displayed images from several different news broadcasters as well as the security cameras I had seen on the outside of the house. There were computer monitors and laptop computers. There was real fancy and powerful looking piece of radio sitting behind the desk. This guy was hooked up.

When he returned I asked him about his obviously special information needs. He replied that he had to keep on top of the news, and then he began to show us around. He had a lot of stories and made a lot of unbelievable claims. He flew for the CIA out of Long-Tien, Laos, and pointing to a beautiful panoramic photo of jungle he told me, "that base was the CIA's biggest secret for years. I didn't think it would ever come out." The picture of G. Gordon Liddy was autographed, "To John: I told them fucking nothing." Pictures of a strange aircraft rewarded me with a story of how it was constructed side by side with the F-117, but no one knew and the stealth fighter was just a cover for the more advanced aircraft in the photo. A framed certificate claimed John was the youngest American to scale the Matterhorn, "I was in high school over there, and decided to climb it." A photo of a white blob on a blue/black background with numbers in the corners, "All the photos that NASA releases are airbrushed, except this one I got from a friend. This is a picture from the dark side of the moon, that's a natural tower that rises almost seven miles high from the surface."

It went on like that for almost 45 minutes or more, and I loved every minute of it. A lot of what he said was a little hard to swallow, I was especially suspicious of the Matterhorn bit for some reason, although it turned out to be the easist to verify as true. What clenched it for me was the photo he had of Groom lake. Living in Nevada I have seen a lot of Groom lake photos, but none so clear. For years people would climb up on a relatively close ridge, just outside the security perimeter and snap photos of the secret facility. The ridge was several miles away and although the air was usually clear, the heat distortion and extreme magnification needed to see the site produced some very grainy and unclear images. In his hallway John had an enormous panoramic photo of the groom lake test facility and it was the clearest and closest photo I had ever seen. The angle of the photo suggested that it had been taken at a much lower altitude than the photos from the ridge top. Who ever took the photo had been well inside the perimeter. You don't get inside the perimeter unless you're supposed to be there. John told me he took it one afternoon, a friend and he had hiked out from the facility about a mile and taken the series of photos that made the panorama with normal equipment.

When I got home after the meeting I did a little snooping and found a large body of information on John. Many people consider him a loony or a misinformation stoolie for the CIA. His claims are often grand, but in my short time with him he didn't really impress me as a liar. If you're bored one day and want some interesting reading, head over to your friendly Internet search site and enter in the following search words; John Lear CIA UFO.

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