John Chirillo

  Now a renowned superhacker, and author of Hack Attacks REVEALED, works on award-winning projects, assisting security managers everywhere. John Chirillo began his computer career at 12, when after a one-year self-taught education in computers, he wrote a game called Dragon's Tomb. Following its publication, thousands of copies were sold the the Color Computer System market. During the next five years, John wrote several other software packages including:

  • The Lost Treasure (a game writing tutorial)
  • Multimanger (an accounting, inventory, and finiacial management software suite)
  • Sorcery (a RPG adventure)
  • PC Notes (GUI used to teach math from algebra to calculus)
  • Falcons Quest I and II (a graphical Diction-intensive adventure)
  • Genius (a complete Windows-based point-and-click operating system)
  • The PC Optimization Kit (increasing standard Intel 486 chip speeds up to 200 percent)
John went on to become certified in numerous programming languages including:
  • QuickBasic
  • VB
  • C++
  • Pascal
  • Assembler
  • Java

  John was equally successful in school. He recieved many scholarships including one to Illinois Benedictine University. After running two businesses (Software Now and Geniusware), John became a security consultant. He specialized in security and analysis, LAN/WAN design, implementation, and troubleshooting. During this period, John acquired numerous internetworking certifications including: Cisco's CCNA, CCDA, CCNP pending CCIE, Intel Certified Solutions Consultant, Compaq ASE Enterprise Storage, and Master UNIX, among others.

  He is currently a Senior Internetworking Engineer at a technology management company in Illinois. His consulting work includes breaking into Fortune 1000 company networks to evaluate their security policies and other award-winning projects assisting security managers. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Comdex, participates in IETF security work, and trains Microsoft and Cisco security candidates.

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