A.k.a Jan Banér

Swedish general and nobleman, 1596-1641

One of the most successful generals of the Thirty Years' War and one of the architects behind the victory at Breitenfeld in 1631. He became head military advisor to Hungary in 1632, and was promoted to field marshal in 1634. He won a great victory at Wittstock in 1636, but after that he is mostly known for managing to get the army out of tight situations and regrouping at critical points.

He was appointed commander in chief over the Swedish forces in Germany and governor of Pomerania in 1639. His last major victory was at Chemnitz in 1639 after which he moved his forces to Bohemia where the war had deteriorated into one of attrition and raids.

After managing a final successful retreat to Saxony, he died in 1641 after six years of skillful, offensive and unusually mobile warfare.

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