The Jetcar is a research project of Banzai Institute and the Hong Kong Cavaliers. The brainchild of that hard-rocking scientist Buckaroo Banzai himself, The Jetcar is ostensibly designed to be a pure experiment in the attainment of velocity. However, unbeknownst to all those watching the first test save the design team and the pilot, the Jetcar is in fact a bold attempt to crack the dimensional barrier! Coupled with the hitherto-secret Oscillation Overthruster, the Jetcar manages to utilize the side of a mountain in Texas as a dimensional gate and penetrate the mysteries of the Eighth Dimension. Unfortunately for all concerned, a stranded crew of Red Lectroids is observing carefully, while "high above the Earth, an alien spacecraft keeps a nervous watch on Team Banzai's every move..."

Okay. Now go see the movie!

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