The name is derived from Je t'aime, which is French for "I love you".
Similar to a Sybian, this sturdy, mechanical sex toy delivers constant thrusting from an internal 1/15HP electric motor, delivering 30 to 120 strokes per minute at 3.25 or 3.75 inches per stroke. The housing containing the motor is a naugahyde-padded barrel which is one foot in diameter and two feet long. A notch is cut out of the barrel to attach a soft, pliable dildo to the thrusting lever. Most soft dildos between 0.75in and 2in in diameter with a flared or flanged base can be attached to the business end of this non-stop fuck machine. Although Jetaime does not vibrate, the user can choose a suitable vibrating dildo and/or wear a strap-on clitoral vibrator. The most popular riding position is for the man or woman to straddle the machine, but it is also possible to stand the Jetaime vertically, which enables the user to be fucked doggy-style. The inventor of Jetaime consciously used off-the-shelf components to keep the cost of the machine down to about US$1000

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