Sometime last month, I was surfing around in a boring state when I decided to type in to see what the Christian faith had to say to the digital masses. You can imagine my surprise when I found a site that was, and I quote, "a personal ad" for some clown in D.C. who dresses like the Son of God to pick up chicks. I think the guy scored the domain when the previous owner let it lapse. It's a pretty funny site and he invites women in D.C. to come "Shower with Jesus". Plus, he's got ads for Jesus Visa cards. The best part is his FAQ where most of the questions are of the "you'll burn in hell for this" mode.

One visitor asked whether he would sell the domain. "Jesus" replied, "Sure, if you've got $10 million on hand." Which makes me wonder about his motives. Is he doing this to tick off the church, in the hopes that they will band together and pay him off?

Check out the site at

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