Business Profile

Jester Interactive

Origin date: 1997

Starting employees: 6

Current employees: 30+

Products: The Music Series, Maniac Miner, Slinky Music, Isle of Man TT, Super Trucks, MTV Music Generator, MTV Music Generator 2


Jester Interactive started out as six-man development team in 1997. Now, moving in leaps and bounds from it's humble begginings, Jester now has 30+ employees and an impressive HQ building in North Wales.

Among the many employees, Jester has many gaming-industry veterans, who have undertaken leading roles in numerous games, working with many of the best graduates in the industry.

In 3 years Jester has released 2 products on PlayStation and the PC. MUSIC and MUSIC 2000 have gained prestigious reviews, and awards in many different areas such as "Most Innovative Game" from Sony and Official PlayStation Magazine. Review scores are consistently above 90% and two prestigious BAFTA Award Nominations, MUSIC and MUSIC 2000 have sold 1,000,000 copies, worldwide.

Jester is also a registered Audio Middleware supplier for Sony's new PlayStation2, along with other major software developers.

MTV Music Generator 2, the latest version of MUSIC, was released on PlayStation2 in the summer of 2001. It is the latest incarnation of MUSIC, pushing Sony's new system to its limits.

From the website:

With products scheduled for all key hardware platforms and relationships with all the major industry names - including Sony, Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft - Jester intends to ensure that their pioneering games reach the widest audience possible.

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