Main villain from the first two games in the Police Quest series by Jim Walls.

From his files:

Bains, Jesse Hiram
AKA: Sloan, Frank; Magpie, Frank.
DOB: 11/30/51
PHYS: Wht, male, 5'8", blk, brn, 150 Arrest Record:
#1- Murder - Jason Taselli
#2- Attempted Murder - Sonny Bonds
Convicted: 10/25/1983
Sentence: 97 years

Bains is otherwise known as 'The Death Angel' and kills all the other drug dealers in the city of Lytton. Officer Sonny Bonds particpates in a large undercover operation and apprehends Bains in a shootout at the Hotel Delphoria.

The following year, Bains is up for parole and escapes from jail. He then goes on a killing spree, seeking his revenge on everyone who testified against him. After kidnapping Sonny's girlfriend Marie Wilkan, Sonny tracks Bains down to Steelton, CA, and kills him.

Bains also has a younger brother, Michael.

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