Jerome K. Jerome was an English writer of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Born in 1859, he published his first work in 1885, "On Stage and Off", a collection of humorous sketches about the theater. In his lifetime he was also known as a journalist, playwright, and the founder of a magazine called "The Idler". Today he is chiefly remembered as a humorist. His most famous books include "The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow", Three Men in a Boat, and its sequel "Three Men on the Bummel." "Three Men in a Boat", written in 1888, recounts the misadventures of three middle-class London-types and one dog trying to have a boating vacation on the Thames. The sequel, published in 1900, reunites the group on a bicycle-tour of Germany. As bizarre as it sounds, his name is not a pseudonym. He died in 1927. (Source: Penguin Books)

Jerome K. Jerome Bloche, hero of a series of bande dessinée thrillers by Dodier. A young private detective, about halfway between Philip Marlowe (the Bogart incarnation) and Monsieur Hulot aged twenty-something.

Series titles:

  • L'Ombre qui Tue
  • Les Êtres de Papiers
  • A la Vie a la Mort
  • Passé Recomposé
  • Le Jeu de Trois
  • Un Oiseau pour le Chat
  • Le Vagabond des Dunes
  • L'Absent
  • Un Bébé en Cavale
  • Le Coeur à Droite
  • Le Gabion
  • Le Pacte
  • Un Fauve en Cage
  • La Comtesse
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The K in the real Jerome K. Jerome's name stands for Klapka; supposedly he was named after an exiled Bulgarian general who was a friend of his father; this may, however, have been a made-up story.

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