Jeremy The Bear is a show that was shown in my part of the world (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on ACCESS Television in the early 1980's.

From what I can recall it followed the adventures of Jeremy as he travelled around the world (and the moon I think?). It was in the stop motion animation style similar to the New Adventures Of Pinocchio (1960-1961)

From searching around the net I found that character was originally called Colargol and was created by Olga Pouchine around 1960 for her son. The show, was created approximatley 10 years later by Albert Barillé and was animated by Polish animator Tadeuzs Wilkoz. They made 52 episodes.

When the show was exported to english speaking countries, Colargol's name was changed to Barnaby. For some reason here in Canada he was known as Jeremy

Some Colargol/Barnaby/Jeremy sites:

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