Jenday Conures (AKA "Jandaya" Conures/Parakeets) are small South American parrots native to Brazil. Their lower bodies and legs are a red-orange color that turns yellow as it reaches their heads. Their wings are entirely green, and their beaks are black.

Jenday Conures, though treated as their own species by aviculturists, have an uncertain taxonomy. Some claim that they are subspecies of Sun Conures and some say they're a subspecies of the Sulfur-Breasted Conure (which is confusing because there's argument as to whether or not the Sulfur Breasted ones are subspecies of Suns, too).

Personality-wise, Jendays are friendlier and more laid back than their cousins, the Sun Conure. Their cries are shriller, but they don't scream as often (usually. Remember birds have distinct personalities). Like other conures, they're not the best at imitating speech, but they excel in imitating sounds like phone ringers and microwave beeps.

These days Jendays are protected by Brazilian wildlife laws and forbidden for export. Their conservation status is listed as Least Concern, but there is some worry as they haven't been as plentiful in areas where they used to be.

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