One of the most obscure characters in the Star Wars universe. In fact, it's somewhat frightening to open Google in the browser of your choice and type in Porkins and get 1,228 matches. But you do.

Porkins is, as his name suggests, pretty porky. He's middle aged, drab, and needs to shave. His memorable lines include:
  • "Red 6 standing by."
  • "I'm right with you, Red 3."
  • "I've got a problem here."
  • "I can hold it."
  • "No, I'm alright. I'm al--" *KABOOM*
Above, I said these were memorable, for which I must apologize. Those are in fact all his lines in the movie, but nevertheless, he was instrumental in destroying the Death Star, so let us all take of our hats and bow our heads to the memory of Jek Porkins.

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