This is a method that I use to relax my mind and body, One of my friends is a devout Jedi, and taught me this, so here it is.


First, you have to get comfortable. I suggest you lie down, it will make it easier. You must calm your mind and relax your muscles. Now, there are three parts of this.

Part one involves fusing the Force to your insides. Yes your guts. First, imagine a bright white star floating 6 inches above your head. This will serve as your "medium" as it was called. Now, think of your brain, imagine a white band of light shooting from your brain to the star. (I now this sounds weird, but stay with me) Feel your brain, imagine it now emitting a white light of it's own. It should also emit a feeling of being weighted and all tingly. Do the same with your heart and liver. Then, imagine your blood pumping through you veins. Give it a white light and bind it with the star, it should also have a tingly feel to it. Do the same with your bones. Hold those feelings.

Part two is covering your body with the Force. Make your star (which should still be above your head) open up with white light onto your body, do it one part at a time. Start with the head. Imagine it emitting light and it should have the same tingly feeling of before. Do your whole body. Go to your neck down to your feet. You may need to spend more time "lighting" an area than others, but it will work. If an area starts taking in the light before you get to it, work on that area, don't fight it. Make your whole body covered with the Force. Just lie there and feel it for a few minutes. Don't question it, just know it.

Part three is to expand your field of energy. Take your star above your head (still feeling the Force from parts one and two) and move it up to 3 feet above your head and make it expand to about 3 feet in diameter. Move it down below your feet and make it start to spin, which it will do immediately. Make it spin slow at first, but increase it's speed till it goes super fast. This is to expand your field. You should feel a vibration in the Force as you do this. Now make the star stop. Move it slowly up your body, through your feet, legs, and stomach to your chest, neck and head. Feel the Force getting stronger where the star goes. When the star gets above your head. Make it spin again and repeat the whole process.

After you are done, you should still feel the Force. It will stay with you for a while, say 20 to 30 minutes. Stay faithful.

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