a VJ on Channel V, Jason Tang is originally from Taibei,Taiwan.

When he was in his teens, he was sent to the West Coast of the US to attend boarding school. His English would be pretty good , but for the fact that when he is on TV he insists on talking like he grew up in the inner city and speaking "Chinglish"(he mixes English and mandarin, even when he is talking to someone who can't speak English) ALL THE TIME. Hence the audience has a tendency to miss what he is talking about half the time...

Jason's main fashion choices are Fubu, Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger. His #1 outfit of all time is when he wore black nautica pants, a yellow "Polo" shirt, and a black (it was hilarious) hair net.

He is the son of a famous actress, his sister is a big-time newsanchor and his father is a businessman- this family might have something to do with why he is on Channel V instead of working in KFC in Taibei.

Sample interview by Jason, for the Taiwanese Channel V, with actress/singer Karen Mok (she speaks fluent English, but the interview was in Chinese except where denoted by capital letters):

  • >Jason: Karen, congratulations on winning the award, REALLY GREAT JOB!!!
  • Karen Mok: Thank you very much, I feel very lucky and thankful to my producers etc. etc.
  • >Jason: So what do you think of Beijing?
  • Karen Mok: Well, of course I like it a lot...
  • Karen Mok: well, that goes without saying... um, I have to go now.
  • >Jason: Karen Mok, THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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