Jason Falkner is a virtually unknown pop musician, solo artist, session man, producer, and according to as-yet-unsubstantiated first-hand reports, an all-around right jolly fellow.

His music is adored and worshipped by a variety of people from all corners of this great planet we call Earth, though the chances are high you don't know any of them, unless you're one of them, in which case, you obviously know at least one.

I first became aware of Falkner's existence when I bought a copy of the Jellyfish album "Bellybutton". He played guitar on it and was the only happy looking person on the color group photograph on the back.

The mid-90s featured Falkner in power-pop band The Grays. Their work is unavailable through conventional outlets unless you want to scam a copy of their album, "Ro Sham Bo", from an online auction or used record site or local used record shop. It will be well worth your time.

After The Grays disbanded (too soon after they put out their album, but there must have been a reason), Falkner released a solo album, "Jason Falkner Presents Author Unknown", which is good, and a second solo album, "Can You Still Feel?", which is better in some ways. Namely it has Nigel Godrich of "Ok Computer" fame producing so it sounds purty.

Following the two solo albums, and a bunch more session work, Falkner hung out with the French band Air and contributed to their album "10,000Hz Legend". He also toured in support of that album.

There must be other stuff he's done that I failed to mention here. This is perfectly normal, beast.

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