hako-zukuri = topiary technique of clipping trees into a box shape. hanchi = pond at the entrance of some Zen temples; represents the threshold between the outside world of the frivolous and the intimate realm of dedicated practice
hara = plains
hashi = bridge(s)
hashi-basami-ishi = the foundation stones or abutments of a bridge
hatsuhana = lit. 'first flowers'; refers to tufts of snow on tree branches in late winter
hikata = ebb-tide beach
hira-niwa a flat garden
hojo = Zen abbot's quarters; surrounded by gardens on all sides
hondo = main hall within a temple complex
Hôrai = symbolic version of the 'Isles of the Blessed' of Taoist mythology, according to which there are five islands far east of the Chinese coast populated by immortals living in perfect harmony; Hôrai images are often embedded in gardens to attract the immortals

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