goat digests apple
defecating generates
a new apple age

birds turn into cat
squeal of tyres, desperate horn
and cat becomes birds

old chimp abdicates
head bowed, quietly hooting
he wasn't ready

spider takes a wife
self sacrificing transforms
starts new spider life

pioneering fish
infant gingerly crawling
breathes its first lungful

tiny crustaceans
non-violently process
all of our shit

bored with old order
volcano clears all away
and wonders what's next

gold, crimson, and brown
colourful feast for fungi
an autumn banquet

greedy trees burn down
new and varied forms of life
grow from the ashes

thirsty sky drinks sea
builds crystal water mountains
trees drink and wood forms

grown tired of itself
life commits mass suicide
starts it all again

vultures spot lion
unsurvivably injured
they keep him in sight

a sun at its peak
creative potential spent
lights the galaxy

primordial shout
crystallizes and matter
takes myriad forms

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