An acquaintance said, "You need to learn some compassion for your patients," to me yesterday.

Mostly today I am thinking about my eight patients that died over the last year. I liked all of them. I like most of my patients. I worry about some of them even on weekends. I get tired of people calling and saying "Why haven't you done my whatever-it-is?" and HIPAA so I don't say, well, I am trying to deal with a suicidal person/two people with new cancer/person and family going into hospice/really insane paperwork to transfer a worsening chronic neurological illness patient from assisted living to a true nursing home. I called the hospital discharge planners to ask about a form that I'd never seen before. If I fill it out wrong, he won't be transferred. They kindly helped me. Hope the transfer works. His power of attorney said sadly that he hoped he'd never have to go to a nursing home.

I worry about the three people who relapsed and disappeared between Thanksgiving and New Years. I don't know if they are in jail or using or dead. I may find out eventually or not.

I have presented around 40 patient cases to UW Telepain since 2010. The ones I present are the high risk ones that I am struggling with or ones that want something that I think is not safe. UW usually agrees.

Of the first ten I presented, in 2010-2012, at least 6 are dead. Most of them under age 50. All of them after leaving my practice, leaving treatment.

The acquaintance was trying to shut down what I was talking about. Not "Why do you feel that way?" but "You are not compassionate."

Thank goodness for E2. Even the downvoters, heh.

Have a good weekend.

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