What I wrote this day:

Root, root, a comical view
A Carmichael new speedo garden trap fautter nyu
Words flow out of zookeepers mouth (new gnu in the zoo)
Room with a nu(yu)view
Comical soon in the afternoon
Caniblope shoup is following yut
Cannibal soup is a madrito following yut, following yut

Semigol mornthfk is an exquisite tooth
Senegal youth
Parasite sleuth
Up in tall trees is where we sleep tonight
Giddy-pow giddy-pow giddy-pow-wow-wow
Chitty bang Onalang
Shiity bong all along
No, you’ve got it all wrong
Chiite bang on a man
Shitty bad blown tire
People thrown off the globe
When the earth is on fire

Pestilence, Pestilence, Pestilence and Famine
The earth is overpopulated,
There’s lots of Death and Famine.

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