The question was, "What do you see as Donald Trump's future?"


He lives to see three of his children go to prison, his wife to divorce, and his son, sent to a particularly gentle boarding school in upstate New York.He, himself, receives his presidential pension, but no more. A great deal of this is tied up in legal fees, and suchlike, he loses Trump Tower, and all properties, and all his money. Since he’s allowed to have an office, at taxpayers’ expense, he does.

After spending a good year and a half in a psychiatric hospital, his new apartment is a modest one bedroom in a neighborhood charitably referred to as “vibrant” and “multicultural”. He has to learn to look after himself, with help from an overworked caregiver who comes through once a week.

Minus his Brioni suits, makeup, hair dye, Adderall, and expensive haircut, he looks like any other old guy — without his bodyguard, he’d be indistinguishable. He can’t drive, and refuses to walk very far, despite his pleas, his doctor won’t grant him a scooter. His office allowance covers commuting with his Secret Service guard, but not grocery shopping, so he’s caught between spending $35–40/day with Uber Eats and cooking for himself —and he finds that his dollars often don’t stretch enough to eat steak. Despite his protests that he’s a “germ phobe” and frequently stating that he could do a lot better in terms of building management, he’s often told by his landlord to clean up.

After dictating a final book, he finds public speaking gigs few and far between. Now and then, an old buddy might take him golfing. Oddly, Tiffany now steps forward, and they hold marathon phone calls, far into the night, with her keeping him informed as to the whereabouts of the rest of the family: Melania went back to Slovenia, where she’s married to a local bigwig in Ljubljanica, Don Jr. and his brother do “consulting”, Ivanka stopped bleaching her hair and is now teaching at a Swiss finishing school. No one seems to have any real love for anyone else, and most of the grandkids have taken on different last names.

Only Barron seems at peace with himself: he works with horses, and lives with roommates. The local church says their choir has never had a more devoted and inspiring singer —”He’s our angel.”

A few years later, his caregiver will state that he was really a very gentle person, who came, in time, to ask after her children.

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