American actress (1915-2009). She was born in Ohio as Jane Roermer, but raised in Indiana. An unspeakably gorgeous blonde, she is best known for her role in "Cat People" in 1942, in which she absolutely blew away Simone Simon, the star of the movie. She started out studying at Max Reinhardt's acting school in 1939, and started playing bit parts in Universal Studio's pictures in 1941. RKO picked her up in 1942 and cast her as the lead in "Highways by Night." Unfortunately, the last big movie she made was "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" back in 1948.

She married Jaime del Amo, a wealthy Spanish producer, in 1949 and retired to live in Spain. Her last movie was 1955's "That Lady," in which she makes only a brief cameo. The film was shot in Spain, and she was friends with the director, Terence Young.

Her other movies included "Manpower," "Dive Bomber," "One Foot in Heaven," "The Falcon's Brother," "The Falcon Strikes Back," "In the Meantime, Darling," "The Curse of the Cat People" (the non-horror sequel to the classic horror movie), "A Sporting Chance," "Jealousy," "The Front Page," "In Fast Company," "Fool's Gold," "The Mysterious Mr. M" (her only villainous role), "Railroaded," "T-Men," and "Open Secret."

Randolph died in early May of 2009 of complications after hip surgery. Really -- really -- she was the sexiest woman I've ever seen in an old black-and-white film. I wish she'd made more films -- I think she'd be considered one of the top stars of all time...

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