Janah is a five person folk/rock band founded by Keith Johnson, who is also the band's songwriter and composer. The music is said to be based on his world travels, his "musical memoirs."

Janah's sound is unique and varied. While incorporating a lot of the style of western rock music, many of their songs have what sound like African drums and a tribal feel, with strong middle eastern influences as well. The lyrics are in English, but they frequently incorporate gibberish (not another language, as many people think.) Essentially, they mix rock with the "folk music from all corners of the world."

And it works suprisingly well. Janah has gotten a following, despite how slowly CDs are released. They've opened for bands such as Alanis Morissette and Sister Hazel. They also frequently play small shows across North America.

There's been two CDs (at the time of writing):

World that Surrounds You (2000)

  • Oil On My Head
  • Will
  • Creations Moulding Furnace
  • Leavened Heart (I Tumble Down)
  • Bagona (The Spirit Current)
  • Forbidden Country
  • Luna de la Tierra
  • Sedui
  • Temple Of My Body
  • Wake Of The Sun
  • Hitching Post Of The Sun

Swan in the Monsoon (2003)

  • Incandescent
  • Shine Halo
  • The Wheel
  • Tomorrow Keeps Us Happy

Samples of Janah's music are available on their website:


I recommend "Oil On My Head" if you'd like to give 'em a try


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