Architect, sculptor, essayist and poet, who defines his focus as "the search for organic solutions for the built environment and places of the soul."

His buildings have included homes, churches, schools, and restaurants. He has created stained glass windows and doors (including a beautiful series of eighteen doors commissioned for a palace in Abu Dhabi), and mosaics. A good introduction to his work is the PBS video The Art and Vision of James Hubbell which showcases his house in Santa Ysabel, California. It looks sort of like a hobbit cathedral, a collection of structures that gently rise from the desert floor, inlaid with polished stones, tiles, and colored glass and containing all sorts of surprising passages and spaces.

You can see his work online at

"Architecture must take measure of all that it is to be human in a world that is whole. It must take count of our galaxy and of a smile and somehow learn to interpret and express our new world in walls, doors and roofs."

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