Also known as University of Florida College of Dentistry. They offer all dental services at a reduced price because it is a learning institution.

One would think that because it's lower cost and residents are doing the work that it would be a frightful experience. I've found it to be the opposite. They are friendly, sensitive and gentle. I've truly never been more pleased, and I just had 4 teeth pulled today.

Getting your first appointment can take a while, as they stay very busy, but they also offer emergency services. $80.00 for the first tooth and $70.00 for each additional tooth.

To make an appointment, you must go in and fill out an application. There is a $25.00 fee when you submit the application and $75.00 due at the first appointment. These fees actually cover several appointments.

First Appointment:

Second Appointment:

Third Appointment:

At this time you will be given a list of treatment options. They will have a range of prices and procedures.

Fourth Appointment:

At this time you will discuss your decision on which treatment option you chose and will be given a detailed treatment plan. This will outline all of the costs and what will be done at each appointment.

Payment Options:

Because the cost of care here is so low in comparison to other dental clinics, they do not accept insurance or other discount plans.

University of Florida College of Dentistry. 2028 Boulevard Jacksonville, Florida 32206 (904) 244-4276

I highly recommend this to folks in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas that do not have dental insurance. I'm having some extensive work done and I feel very comfortable in Dr. Stevenson's (my resident) hands. I'm not a huge fan of dentists and I REALLY hate dental needles. Today went off without a hitch and although I still don't like getting shots in my mouth, I can say with absolute certainty that I was exposed to the least amount of pain possible.

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