J. Sterling Morton is best remember as the father of Arbor Day, but he also was a newspaper editor, a politician, horticulturist and author. At the age of 22 he settled in Nebraska and instantly became active in local politics. Eventually he became the territorial governor and later ran for Nebraska's first governor (he was defeated by David Butler in a close race).

He served on the presidential cabinet as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture from 1893 to 1897. This made him the first presidential cabinet member from West of the Missouri River. He served under President Grover Cleveland during this time.

He spent much of his life promoting conservation practices and encouraging people to plant trees. His home, Arbor Lodge, is in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It has been made into a national park. On the 65 acre park can be found more than 250 species of trees, many planted by Morton himself.

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