The old aspect of the Mayan Moon goddess.
Mayan gods and goddesses often have a dual nature, old vs. young, male vs. female, etc.
Ixchel is also the name of a planet in Madeline L'Engle's novel A Wrinkle In Time. The planet is in the same system as the planet Camazotz, but is greatly different from its dystopian neighbor. Planet Ixchel's athmosphere is almost completely opaque, and as a result, the native plant life appears quite dull and drab.

The locals are also rather peculiar looking. They are basically humanoid, but they are covered in short, gray hair. They have four arms, each one tipped with a forest of tentacles instead of fingers, and their heads are also covered with tentacles. Another odd thing is that the Ixchel have no facial features to speak of, just a series of indentations. They use their tentacles as sensory organs, and have no concept of sight. Trying to explain it to them would probably be as futile as explaining just how their method of sensory input works to a human. They apparently don't need sight anyway, as they claim to be able to see things as they are with their extrasensory, um, senses, rather than just what they appear to be.

Despite their alien apperance, the residents of Ixchel are quite friendly. In fact, it is revealed in the novel that they are ardent opponents of the evil represented by IT, the tyranical ruler of Camazotz.

The connection between the planets Ixchel and Camazotz, and the Mayan gods they are named for, is noteworthy, and thus I have noted it here.

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