A professional wrestler who wrestled with the WWF at the end of his career. He was born in Krakow, Poland, and started wrestling after an injury forced retirement from professional football. Apparently, he was nicknamed "The Polish Power", but I remember him as "The Polish Hammer". Or was it his finishing move? I think both. The "Polish Hammer" finishing move is done thusly:

  • interlace your fingers
  • hit victim accross the chest with a baseball bat-swinging motion.
  • pin the now motionless victim
  • win the match

Wrestling technology has progressed nicely since then, with the availability of cheap electricity and genetic engineering.

Career highlights:

  • World Class American Tag Team Title - 1973 (with Jose Lothario)
  • WWF Tag Team Title - 1979 (With Tito Santana, lost to The Samoans, 1980)

He is the father of another wrestler, Scott Putski.

most of this from http://www.legendsofprofessionalwrestling.com/cart/putski_bio.html - God, I love the Internet

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