The Isetta is an microcar automobile manufactured by BMW between 1955 and 1962. Also known as 'the rolling egg', the Isetta is one of the more visually amusing cars ever made.

It is small and odd looking to the point where I won't go into great detail in describing it's industrial design. Suffice it to say, it gets attention, especially since it only has one door that open to the front; that's right, the front of the car opens.

There are 3 basic models: the Model 300 with is a 4 wheeled, 2-seater that uses a one ("1") cylinder BMW motorcycle engine that will take it to over 40 mph. It gets over 63 miles to the gallon of gasoline (eat your heart out, Insight) and possesses a 3.4 gallon fuel tank (plus reserve tank).

There is also the 600 and 700 models, which are 4-seater cars that use 2 cylinder BMW 582cc air-cooled motorcycle engine and has 3 doors (two side, one front). All models use a 4-speed manual transmission.

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