The Irvanians are a race of fun-loving, not-quite-so-bright, slightly-mutated descendents of Earth humans. They rule a vast galactic empire but are pretty much unaware of this fact. This naturally tends to annoy a lot of other people, causing massive wars as the various other races wrestle for domination. The actual running of the empire is done by a hyper-advanced network of intelligent kitchen appliances and office furniture, left by the mysterious Venooties. The coffee machines are in charge of intra- and intergalactic warfare and send the Irvanian military, equipped with Venootie-built weapons with amazing technological capabilities, off to defend the empire.

The Irvanians are small in number, having almost no regular line combat units. Almost all their strength is in small elite units, particularly the Irvanian Commandos and the squadrons of huge, robot-like combat vehicles called 'Sters. Originally, only the Irvanians were equipped with 'Sters since only the Venooties knew how to build them, but recently the other races have analyzed captured 'Sters and started building their own, with mixed success.
Part of the Generic Legions Metanode collection.

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