Irish Spring is a bath soap. It's mostly green with a swirl of white, and has a "fresh" scent.

Yesterday, I bought some Irish Spring instead of my usual Ivory soap to bathe with, and bathed with it this morning. Today, after coming home from work, the whole apartment had a fresh clean smell to it. Although it concerns me that my bath soap is so heavily scented, the air freshener side effect is pretty cool.

Actually, as i did a node in cat urine, Irish Spring Soap is EXCELLENT at preventing your kitty from spraying around on items.

Just place a bar in corners which your cat tends to spray, and the cat will more likely than not avoid the area. My mother creates a paste of dissolved soap in a little water and then washes carpet pieces with it...seems to work wonders!

Also, for double protection, place the bar of soap on aluminum foil!

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