In Metroid lore, the Iono Feria are a species of butterfly-esque creature found on planet FS-176 (more commonly known as Zebes, the Chozo homeworld). They roughly the size of an adult human, and they are bioluminescent. They absorb moisture from the air and ionize it, a process by which energy is generated, which they use to fly.

Whilst still under the care of the Chozo, Samus Aran discovered them in a field of Badger Clovers, which are highly toxic. The Iono Feria infected with Badger-Clover spores had to be separated and destroyed; they resisted this by attacking the Chozo with discarded weapons that were left in the field, at which point they were destroyed by Samus herself.

They only appear in the Metroid Manga.


//Brevity Quest 2021//

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