Not to be confused with Jocasta, daughter of Menothenes and wife of Laius in Oedipus Rex, Iocastus (or Jocastus, Greek Ἰοκάστος), was a son of the wind god Aeolus, as well as king of Rhegium, a coastal province of Italy. This is pretty much the only thing known about this specific character in Greek mythology; Aeolus was notorious for having countless sons, most of whom represented directional winds. Jocastus didn't get assigned his own wind.

Post-Homeric poets sometimes identified an island off the Sicilian coast as Aiolia, and the names of Aeolus' sons were assigned eponymously to Greek colonies along the south Italian coast. Rhegium and Iocastos are used interchangeably to refer to the same colony, in such cases.

Iron Noder 2016, 30/30

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