The best book I have seen so far in the Introducing series of books. Totem Books, 1993, reprinted 1997. Text by David Zane Mairowitz, illustrations by Robert Crumb (who could do it better?).

It includes biographical info on Franz Kafka, some cultural background on Prague and antisemitism, and brief, illustrated versions of Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis), Der Bau (The Burrow), In der Strafkolonie (In the Penal Colony), Der Prozess (The Trial), Das Schloss (The Castle), Ein Hungerkünstler (A Hunger Artist), and Die Verschollene (The Man Who Disappeared, called Amerika by Max Brod). The discussion of Kafka's relationship with his father would provide sufficient material for a whole series of Freudian seminars, not to mention accounts of Kafka's failed love affairs with Milena Jesenska and Grete Bloch.

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