This was a Caltech prank in 1971 by then student, Rene Gandolfi and is a jab at the constant stream of notices put out by Caltech's Physical Plant Department for temporary interruption of campus services/utilities.

California Institute of Technology

Physical Plant Department


August 18, 1971

TO: Campus
FROM: Physical Plant

The campus architect has requested a temporary interruption of gravity for the purpose of making certain major alterations of campus design. The following changes will be made:

    1) Removal of Culbertson Hall.
    2) Removal of the upper floors of Throop Hall.
    3) Conversion of Fleming House into a parking lot.

It is expected that gravity will be off for a period of approximately 11 hours on October 4, 1971, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Only the campus area south of San Pasqual will be affected.

We have been advised that the interruption will undoubtedly create non-casual gravitational singularities along the boundries of the region affected. Therefore San Pasqual Street will be closed to traffic througout the day.

It is advised that the following precautions be taken:

  1. All heavy equipment should be tied down. All laboratories will be carefully inspected on Oct. 1.

  2. Due to danger of walking outside, all personnel are urged not to leave buildings. If forced to travel outside from one buildiing to another the steam tunnels should be used.

  3. Change in the pressure differential in pipes may trigger fire alarms and sprinklers. Please do not leave buildings!

  4. Since elecators will be inoperative during this time please use stairways.

  5. Al people normally parking cars south of San Pasqual should take care not to do so on Oct 4.

  6. Please do not flush toliets.

For futher information contact: Kip S. Thorne, B. Schutz, or C. Will, Ext. 1598 or 1200, or Mr. Bob Phelan, Ext .1724.

Al Nuevavilla                                                            

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