Internet Easy Video

What It Is:
IEV is Telecom Italia Lab’s Plug-in for Adobe Premiere that allows users to acquire audiovisual content from a variety of formats and then archive, distribute and format the content in the new MPEG-4 File Format (ISO/IEC 14496-1). Internet Easy Video also allows users to edit and personalize video with graphics and subtitles and adds in CD quality audio.

Why It’s Innovative:
With Internet Easy Video it’s possible to create multimedia content in the new MPEG-4 format, the definitive compression solution for video on the web, which offers an elevated quality/compression rate than other earlier compression schemes. Internet Easy Video also allows users to encrypt their audiovisual data or set the information, so it can be streamed in real time on the web.
In addition we are currently developing a companion tool that would allow users to easily create (segmented) video objects, which then would be fed to the video encoder thus facilitating the task of creating/managing hyper linked video content.
Internet Easy Video integrates the Loquendo voice synthesis engine, one of the most advanced speech synthesis engines in the world.

Who Will Use It:
Internet Easy Video is flexible enough to be used by amateurs as well as professionals wishing to create interactive audiovisual content for the Internet.

System Requirements:
Ø Windows NT, ME, 95, 98, 2000
Ø Pentium II 400 Mhz
Ø 32 MB RAM minimum

For More Information:

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