INTERGALACTIC RADIO STATION by Vangelis, from 'Direct' (CD Version Only)

The last track on the Direct CD, Intergalactic Radio Station is an instrumental tune, with some voicework by Casey Young at the end used as a denuement for the entire album.

On first listen it might sound absurdist, but it's really just a speech about what a sound studio. (By the time this was recorded, the album was probably almost finished, and everyone had nothing else in their minds except ending the recordings, so it's understandable that it would be about this)

"I've, seen things..                      ( reminiscent of many things that you can't believe.    Rutger Haeur's
                                            death speech
                                            in Blade Runner)

Past designs, future designs,        ('Direct' echoes
                                      past Vangelis music
                                      strongly            )
cables in the bend.                  (sound studio...)
Second-hand sounds,                  ('voice' samples)
future sounds,                       (synth          )
synthesised dialogues.               (self-explanatory)
Incomprehenseble software.           ( bad synth software? )
Hi Jon, let's break some rules!      (*)

Here comes the sun.                  (throw-away line, 
                                      name of Beatles song)
We're doing some recordings later
Same ol' factory you know
here's some names for you,
  'Polyester landscape,
Nylon Oxygen,
Ashes to Concrete.'
etcetera.....                       ( Nylon, Oxygen, etc 
                                      are all patch names
                                      from synthes used )

"Oh, by the way,                    
It's been a beautiful morning,        
what a morning,                       
great morning,
It's a great morning man."  

- Sung by Casey Young

(*) either a reference to Yes singer Jon Anderson who was featured in many Vangelis songs (but not from this album?), or to studio technician Jon Martin, who would speak in the studio while there was a recording session

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