One of the first PlayStation games, Intelligent Qube is a 3D puzzle game. The game was released at the original launch of the PlayStation game console. A demo of the game can be found on the demo disc included with early model PlayStations.

The object of the game is to move around a grid, eliminating the gray "qubes" one at a time. There are also green qubes that allow you to destroy multiple qubes at once. The black qubes are called "forbidden qubes", and they must not be destroyed.

The game consists of 9 stages, each with a larger playing field and increased game speed. Certain special options are opened up as you beat the game at varying degrees of difficulty. There is also a 2 player mode, where you can take turns with a friend to see who can last the longest in the game. There is a voiceover tutorial included with the game, as it has some complicated rules to learn before the game can be played successfully.

Locating a copy of Intelligent Qube is difficult, as it has become a rare title. The best places to look would be a used video game store, or on eBay. It goes for over $50.

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