Boston software company started circa 1992 as a spin off of the Houghton Mifflin software division. Previously known as Infosoft. Over its various manifestations, it was the inventor of the spellchecker, as well as its predecessor, the hyphenator, and also developed grammar-checking software. Their spelling, hyphenating, and grammar-checking software modules are industry standards and are still used in many applications, especially the Microsoft Office suite.

At one time Inso was also a large producer of electronic reference materials, especially bilingual thesauri, as well as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other Houghton Mifflin reference publications such as E.D. Hirsch's Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.

Briefly took on a role as the publisher of the Information Please line of almanacs, evidenced by their logo on the 1996 IP Sports Almanac.

Purchased the Software Compatibility Corporation in 1994 and revamped their main product, Outside In, which became the Quick View program which shipped with most versions of Windows 95.

Purchased the company Electronic Book Technologies in 1996, and eventually eliminated most existing departments to redirect the company towards the development and sale of the DynaText and DynaWeb line of products acquired in that purchase.

Fell into disarray in 1999 after mis-reporting 3Q profits, leading to various securities lawsuits and the resignation of founding CEO Steve Vana-Paxhia.

Romulus was a co-op employee there from 1995-6.

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