I feel so much like an animated machine of myself, and the way I move
Is so predictable…but I guess that’s what happens when you fall.
It’s always easier to see the sunset from a high plateau, but that
Doesn’t mean that I’m willing to climb.

I wish I could climb into a great big box and close the lid over me…
Someone threatened me with that, once…hush, he said,
Or I’ll put you in a box…just as we passed the throbbing clubs,
And I laughed and told him no, and secretly wished he would.

I dreamt about being a candle, that other night,
And I smelled of lavender and sandalwood, and state of mind…
Infinite dancers with colored ribbons, the planets they are, someone told me
And I believed him, looking distantly into the stars, and
I know that I will never find my way back to that island in the south,
And I whisper, why can’t you come to me? and feel full of despair,
Combining that which I always knew to that which I always feared…

Little red circles, she cried, nothing, nothing but little red circles…
And where is the wine when I need it?

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