For TheBooBooKitty

Like a movie going to slow motion. Or like a movie stuck on fast forward before returning to regular 'play'. I am never quite sure about which one it is.

My heart is slowly coming down from its 190 bpm rate. My heart, beating in the rhythm of the heavy gabber techno music that is pulsating away like my heart itself, from the speakers behind me. It is as if I was pulled along a freight train and finally got detached. The music keeps playing in its insane speed. My heart is let off the catch and falls out of rhythm, desyncronizing and finally returning to its normal pace.<

The screen that looks back at me is black. Neon yellow letters that read GAME OVER seem to return my gaze with a sarcastic, accusing stare. <

'Yes, I know', I whisper, knowing that nobody will ever hear it.

The screen goes black for a fraction of a second.

<blink> Insert coin... </blink>

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