The Basics:

Infra-Man (a.k.a. "Jung-Gwok chiu-yan") is a science fiction kung fu movie released in 1975 by the Shaw Brothers. Inspired by Japanese shows like Ultraman and Kamen Rider, it tells the story of a man named Rayma (Danny Lee) who is turned into "the man beyond bionics" to combat the forces of evil. In short, Infra-Man is one of the best B-movies a person could hope to see.


Awakening from a millennia-long slumber, the evil Princess Dragon Mom (Terry Liu) causes destruction on a massive scale, ranging from killing a bus of school students to setting entire cities ablaze. The Science Patrol headquarters, led by Dr. Chang (Hap Wong), are humanity's only hope, for the good doctor has developed a cybernetic warrior named Infra-Man. He enlists Science Patroller Rayma to become the Infra-Man, and begins the operation immediately.

However, Princess Dragon Mom learns of the plan, sending her plant monster to attack Science Patrol HQ. After nearly dying during the operation due to a plant monster-induced power outage, Rayma (now Infra-Man) flies out through the ceiling to do battle with the plant monster. He defeats the monster by using his x-ray vision to locate the creature's heart and then bombarding it with explosive darts.

Meanwhile, Nemesis (another of Princess Dragon Mom's monster henchmen) kidnaps Science Patroller Chu Ming (Lin Wen-wei) and bring him to the Princess's lair. There he is brainwashed by She-Demon, using a mind-control device that is later used as an anti-infantry turret. Chu Ming returns to the Science Patrol headquarters, now under the control of Princess Dragon Mom and steals Dr. Chang's blueprints of Infra-Man.

However, Rayma discovers this treachery, and he and a band of Science Patrollers chase after Chu Ming on motorcycles. To assist Chu Ming's escape, Princess Dragon Mom sends two of her monsters (a bug monster and a... hair monster, I guess) along with a bevy of grunts. Rayma transforms into Infra-Man and dispatches most of the warriors, but the bug monster, obviously the most powerful of the group, grows to ten times his normal size. Infra-Man follows suit and throws the bug monster onto a power relay station, causing it to shrink to normal size. Infra-Man then unceremoniously steps on his foe.

Unfortunately, Chu Ming manages to escape in the chaos of the battle and brings the plans to Princess Dragon Mom, who discovers Infra-Man's only weakness: his powers rely on the sun's energy. Despite her newfound advantage, Princess Dragon Mom is not content to rest. She sends out Nemesis and another monster to sabotage the Science Patrol Headquarters. Dr. Chang's three children discover this act of treachery and two of them are taken captive. The youngest daughter goes unnoticed, and Rayma meets her moments later. Suspicious, Rayma transforms into Infra-Man and defuses the monsters' bomb, saving Science Patrol Headquarters once more.

Later, Princess Dragon Mom's monster henchmen break into Dr. Chang's quarters and take his eldest daughter Mei-Mei hostage. Fearing for his daughter's life, the good doctor goes alone to Princess Dragon Mom's lair to negotiate. Luckily, Infra-Man and a band of Science Patrollers have arrived at the Princess's lair, ready for a battle like none other. Infra-Man must defeat the hordes of minions and enter Princess Dragon Mom's inner sanctum before the doctor and his daughter are killed.

Infra-Man's Weapons:

Infra-Boots: These boots have the unusual power of generating negative thrust. Infra-Man simply points his legs at his chosen target and flies at him, dealing massive damage.

Infra-Beam: Located below his arms, Infra-Man has a series of powerful beam weapons that can take down even airborne enemies with deadly accuracy.

Thunderball Fists: Capable of generating over a million volts of electric potential, these fists are Infra-Man's most powerful weapons. In addition, the Thunderball Fists can be launched at an enemy, destroying even the toughest targets.

Infra-Blades: Installed with the Thunderball Fists, these blades are able to cut through anything with ease, including Princess Dragon Mom's monsters.

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