Impossible Victories is written by Bryan Perrett and published by Barnes and Nobles. The book takes a look at ten military success. These victories were victiroies against great odds, triumphs that should not have happened. These military events range from 1811 in Spain to 1967 in Vietnam and involve the British and American armed forces. There are well known battles, Omaha Beach and D-Day, and some lessor known battles, including one in Dargai, India.

Perret recounts these battles in an easy to read, enaging story. As a history major in college, I learned a lot. In fact, some of these battles, I had never heard about before reading this book. Of course, the more famous ones have been told in greator detail elsewhere, but this is a good overview book. The footnotes, at the end of each chapter, include anodotal references that add greator light to the story.

The battles in order of apperance in the book:

  1. 'That Attonishing Infantry': The Albuera Counter-Attack, 16, May 1811

  2. Scarlet and Grey: The Battles of Chippewa and Lundy's Lane, July 1814

  3. Mission Imposible: The Reliefs of Lucknow, 1857

  4. The Taking of the Taku Forts, 1859 and 1860

  5. Dargai, 20 October 1897

  6. The Storming of San Juan Ridge: Cuba 1 July 1898

  7. Mounting Action: The Charges at Beersheba and Huj, Palestine, 1917

  8. Leading the Way: US Rangers at the Pointe du Hoe and Omaha Beach, D-Day, 6 June 1944

  9. Crown of Thorns: The Struggle for Hill 112, June/July 1944

  10. Dak To: Ngok Kom Leat and Hill 875 - South Vietnam

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