Film: Imagine Me and You
Year: 2005
Rating: 4/5
Summary: Predictable but fun story about true love.

Imagine Me and You is a romantic comedy, specifically a lesbian romantic comedy. Like most popular current films of this kind, it shows the protagonist discovering and coming to terms with her own sexuality.

Although this basic idea for a story has been used in several films before (such as But I'm a Cheerleader and Kissing Jessica Stein), it continues to work because it can combine the excitement of self discovery, the pain of being ostracised by former friends and family members, and the romance of truly falling in love for the first time, making for an emotionally rich story.

This lighthearted film focuses on the falling in love for the first time aspect of the story. Even the scenes showing painful conflict contain enough humour to make you laugh, making them that much easier to watch.

On the negative side, this film is predictable and even a little cheesy in places, and too much of the dialogue ends up as a metaphor for the blossoming new relationship for my liking. On the plus side, the dialogue is funny, the film doesn't take itself too seriously, and it has a wonderful feel good vibe.

This isn't a groundbreaking film, but it isn't meant to be. It's a fun, soppy story about two women falling in love. If you want to curl up on the couch with your lover and stick a film on that makes you feel all warm inside, Imagine Me and You is ideal.

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