Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel has risen in me the desire to node another "Arab" proverb:

If the son of Adam had a mountain of gold, he would only want a second mountain of gold.
Nothing will fill the mouth of the son of Adam except for the dust from his own grave.

This "Arab" proverb came from the mouth of our beloved prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. I believe that the phrase "Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel" is also a hadith. Therefore they are both "Islamic" proverbs. In this day and age it is kind of important to make the distinction, since most Muslims aren't Arab, and we kind of live our lives around these so called proverbs.

An Arab proverb would be something like:

Kill ten Jews and you will get 40 virgins in paradise.

This proverb and it's other variations technically are not Arab proverbs, since they where probably said by a Palestinian. But what the heck, here in America they are all Arabs. In addition to this not being an "Islamic" proverb, it is 100% pure bovine excrement. Many people in the world today are accepting this as an Islamic proverb, because to the ignorant, there is no distinction.

If a muslim ever quotes this to you, do all three of us a favor, remind him of the Islamic proverb:
Anyone who lies on God or his messenger, should prepare for his place in the hellfire.

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