Bye, Bye Blue

Ah, Blue. "If..." is such a profanity.
Tin foil on my teeth.
Two Letters. A short word.
Blatantly rendering Napoleonic force.
Recurring in sentences I try not to write.

This is not Scrabble or Boggle. Scattered letters I discover, ... eventually
find eternity.
Lasting, enduring beside my memory of Blue.
Someone I believe in.

Actual words do not stick with me,
They reside within dictionaries and Thesaures'.
Drooled upon by Lexicographers.
The words I find in the right order;
Remain. Linger. Stir.

A neat line. Letters embrace.
Spinning harmoniously, holding hands, waving goodbye.
Horizons I wrote of Blue. My desire the symmetry of sky.
"If". Only two letters. The joints of prose, the wheels, the cogs...
If only.

Goodbye Blue

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